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The Las Vegas Sphere, a marvel of modern architecture and a focal point of entertainment. It has been hosting U2 concerts, captured masterfully by Blackcam Robotics’ technology. In collaboration with Vis-a-Vis Video, these events mark a significant leap in the art of live concert recording, showcasing the fusion of groundbreaking technology with world-class entertainment in one of the most iconic venues of the year.

The deployment included:

  • Two B60 Systems: These dynamic systems were strategically placed to navigate around the stage. The B60s ensured that every angle of the performance was captured without disruption, which enhanced the viewer’s experience.
  • One ARRO Robotic Arm: The ARRO robotic arm was utilized for its exceptional precision and adaptability. Its presence highlighted the blend of artistic performance and technological innovation, capturing the intricate details of the concert.
  • One 3-meter Tower: This tower provided a unique vantage point, encapsulating the grandeur of the sphere and the energy of the crowd, adding depth and context to the concert footage.

Blackcam Robotics

Collaboration with Vis-a-Vis Video

The collaboration with Vis-a-Vis Video was pivotal in this endeavor. Their expertise in utilizing Blackcam products ensured that the equipment was used to its full potential to create an immersive and comprehensive recording of the concerts. This partnership underlines the adaptability of Blackcam systems to different environments and the importance of skilled operation to maximize their capabilities.

Visit Vis-a-Vis Video’s website to learn more.

Spotlight on the ARRO Robotic Arm

As part of the technological ensemble at the U2 concerts in the Las Vegas Sphere. Our ARRO Robotic Arm by Blackcam Robotics played a critical role. This equipment stands out for its versatility and precision, which are essential for capturing dynamic concert footage.

Key Features of the ARRO Robotic Arm from Blackcam Robotics:

  • Lightweight and Modular: Weighing just 35 kg, the ARRO is designed for easy setup and adaptability.
  • Exceptional Speed and Quiet Operation: The ARRO Robotic Arm, capable of operating at a maximum speed of 2 m/s, also maintains a whisper-quiet operation, a feature crucial for unobtrusive filming during live performances.
  • High Payload Capacity: With a payload capacity of 10 kg, the ARRO Robotic Arm can handle a range of camera equipment effortlessly.
  • Flexibility in Movement: The ARRO offers a working area of 540°. It also allows for diverse shooting angles and innovative camera movements.
  • Customizable Mounting Options: It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or overhead. It provides flexibility for different filming requirements.
  • Advanced Software Integration: The ARRO comes with intuitive software for program sequence creation, IoT connectivity for cloud-based analytics, and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Click here to learn more about the ARRO Robotic Arm.

Blackcam Robotics

Blackcam Robotics