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The helipad of Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai was the extraordinary location for David Gueta’s United at Home online concert. Due to the weight restrictions on the helipad and because of the current Covid-19 hygiene regulations, the event was visually staged with high technical efforts which led to decision of filming exclusively with remote cameras. The versatile setup counted with four remote-controlled Blackcam Systems plus four ARRI cameras, and even drones were in operation for this performance. In detail:

  • 1xB40 with Tower Lift L2 (12 m) and ARRI’s stabilized remote head SRH-3 and an ARRI ALEXA Mini on 12 m 270-degree curved tracks
  • 1xB60 with Tower Lift L2 (8 m) and SRH-3 head and an ARRI AMIRA on 8 m straight tracks
  • 1xB20 dolly and an ALEXA MINI  on 2 m straight tracks directly in front of the DJ booth
  • 1xBlackcam Remote Head RHLarge with ARRI AMIRA