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Pedestal RP1

Free roaming robotics tripod

Blackcam Remote Pedestals are innovative camera tripods designed specifically for use in news studios. These pedestals are equipped with free roaming capabilities and are fully automated, providing a seamless and efficient filming experience.

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General Specifications



Outer Dimensions

925 x 1.060 mm

Lens Height

1.100 to 1.850 mm

Power Supply

48V DC via power supply unit,
max 1.000 W

Maximum Travel

250 mm/s

Maximum Speed of
Lifting Column

120 mm/s


  • Touchscreen display for all local settings and data display
  • Connection to almost all control software possible
  • Easy, tool-free cleaning of the wheels
  • Digital lens control Fujinon or Canon
  • Integrated 15V power supply for camera, prompter and converter
  • Innovative cable routing on the pedestal
  • Prompter + camera can be balanced without counterweights
  • Tracking data via network
  • Unscrewable transport wheels

Available Upgrades

  • Manual control with ARRI Mastergrips
  • Upgrade pedestal collision protection on all sides
  • Absolute positioning via laser contour data (only with all-round laser scanner upgrade)
  • Rotation laser for complete 360° collision protection coverage
  • Support for fi lm lenses, e.g. Master Primes
  • Functional safety equipment

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